Alum Creek State Park

August 22, 2012


When my parents came to visit, I wanted to take them some place that we had not been before and that was on our bucket list of things to try nearby.  So we headed to Alum Creek State Park.

We first stopped at the beach part of this park but it was empty even though it was a hot day so we were worried about swimming there.  Dirty or not?  We decided not to risk it (keep reading though as Jolie and I went back another time!).

We then stopped at the Dam and it’s a really nice area.  There are a few covered picnic areas and 3 playgrounds of different sizes for the kids.  We had lunch and then walked up to the top of the dam.

Jolie loved hanging out with Papa (and Grammy too of course). And then back down we went…

It was a nice little adventure.  Turns out one of my mom group’s was going to Alum Creek beach shortly afterwards so Jolie and I ventured back to try again.

The water was not as clean as I would like but there was no trash and no odd smells - it’s just not the ocean but Jolie loved it!  What do I know!

We were also lucky enough to go on a quick boat ride – Jolie’s first!!!  Needless to say she enjoyed it with her buddy Eli, his mom Cristin and I.

We had a great day and there was plenty for Jolie to do besides swim… it was hard enough to get her out of the water to go home and then of course she had to stop at the playground behind the beach for a quick swing.  Toddlers are so hard to convince “it’s time to go!”

For me not being a beach person, it was a great day!  We missed my husband of course because he is a beach person.  We will go back again soon.

 Bring snacks and water with you as although there was a sign that said “Concessions open” we did not see any.
- If you want to avoid the playground debacle, then park away from that part of the parking lot… it’s easy to do and you’ll see what I mean when you arrive there.
- If you want the playground nearby (like we did), then just park on that side of the parking lot.
- Stay within the buoys to swim.  To the far left (when looking out at the water) of the beach people were swimming but boats are allowed to come ashore there.  Safety first!
- The advantage of the beach over many of the pools here I’ve been to is there is no restriction on what floating device Jolie wears while swimming.  However, there are police that patrol the boats on the water and kids MUST have a life jacket on when on the boats.
- If you visit and climb the dam, be careful up top as the guard rails are more of a “guide” and not really safe.  They are open in the corners as shown here.

I feel like it’s just calling for a toddler to run to the edge!
- Also note the handrails on the stairs going up the dam are somewhat lose and very dirty!  My parents hands were black when we got to the bottom and they could not understand why mine were untouched – I didn’t use the railing as I don’t like more germs than I am already exposed too!
- Just a little fun fact – “Alum” is pronounced Al – lum with the emphasis on the “Al” and said like the name Al… not like alumni as I was saying for a long time.  What can I say, I’m still learning Ohioan :)

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