Dublin Irish Festival (in Dublin, Ohio)

August 27, 2012


Every summer my husband and I have good intentions to go to the Dublin Irish Festival, and either we are out-of-town or we just don’t go.  We thought it was a place for adults only - I mean, when I think Irish, I think of drinking beer (I can’t help it, my name “Kiera” is Irish after all!).

Once again, as newbie parents, we were wrong!  We took Jolie on Friday for opening night.  TONS of kids stuff to enjoy!  She even made a friend, lol.

There was a FREE section for Kids Under 4!  So Jolie spent lots of time climbing, playing, and bouncing.  Also note there are multiple playgrounds for the kids since this is at a park.

There was a large section on the south side for the older kids and even the younger ones that like to climb and jump, including many bounce houses.  It was $10 for a wristband and the kids could go do as much as they wanted.

We walked the entire festival to check out all the food using the map given to us.  Most of the food was on the south side but there were some goodies on the north side of the festival too.

We had Sheppard’s Pie and Fish & Chips from Highland Glenn Foods but felt it was overpriced compared to other places ($9 versus $6-8) and I was disappointed in the Fish & Chips with the tartar sauce out of a packet.  Not so Irish to me!

We also tried the Irish Stew which was bland but very good, especially considering we would normally avoid stews on such a hot day!

My favorite was the Birch Beer float that I got from Pennsylvania Dutch.  Not so Irish again but where can you ever find birch beer?  I love it.

There were plenty of craft-like tent areas to walk through and check out the local artisans too for those looking to shop.  Most importantly, there was great music and dancers of all ages that we enjoyed watching immensely.  Now that IS Irish!

- For parents with kids still in diapers, there is a tent with changing tables in the middle of the grounds closer to the north side.
- Bring your stroller for the littler ones.  It does get crowded but we opted to leave ours behind and Jolie got tired (and so did we with her constantly getting distracted from walking).
- Buy tickets online ahead of time as you save $1 per person.
- Don’t forget there is a FREE section for Kids 4 and Under but note that you cannot bring alcohol into this area.
- Definitely check out the shows as they are fabulous!
- Eat a lot, and drink accordingly! :)

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