How to Keep Kids Happy in the Air

December 2, 2013

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Keeping Kids Happy in the Air
The idea of traveling abroad as a family fills us with excitement – after all, escaping the rat race with our kids for a week or two, to enjoy some quality time together in the sun, is far too much of an appealing one to ignore! However, it can be incredibly daunting to think about the journey to the destination; flights can be a turbulent time – and not just because of the cloud cover, either!

While holidays abroad from Direct Holidays are some of the most affordable around, parents need to be able to deal with the journey there, too. A stress-free flight will help to set the holiday off on the right foot and the key to this is to keep the youngsters entertained and content for the duration.

Unfortunately, their attention spans, and the will to sit still, are extremely limited, and if they have nothing to keep them occupied, chances of you chasing a tantrumming child up and down the aircraft are high. Instead of worrying about the incidence of this happening, plan ahead and take a few things with you onboard so that they can stay as happy as possible.


While you’re limited to the baggage that you’re allowed to carry on board, remember that every person who has a seat, including children aged 2 and up, is entitled to a piece of hand luggage. Pack their bag with some toys that will hold their attention – avoid ones with small pieces that could get lost, particularly when it comes to the little ones that may not be so careful with their playthings.


Colouring books, kids magazines and puzzle books, sticker albums etc. – they will all help to hold their attention during the flight so that you can keep wobblers at bay.


Make sure that you have plenty of snacks handy that smaller children can enjoy. A hungry child is an unhappy child!

Eating on the Plane


Older kids will be more than happy with a handheld games console, iPod, tablet or DVD player will keep them satisfied during transit. Remember that they can’t be used during take-off and landing, though.

If the kids stay amused and you stay stress-free, you can guarantee a great start to an even better holiday. 

4 Responses to “How to Keep Kids Happy in the Air”

  1. Mike Says:

    You can now use handheld devices during takeoff and landing. Thanks you FAA for that rule change. Though my kid had no interest in my iPad whatsoever on our last flight.


    • Kiera Says:

      Ah yes true Mike! I think most airlines have changed this now since the ruling on October 31st by the FAA. I know that there was a “rolling change” among airlines and of course have not flown all of them to confirm, not yet anyway! :)


  2. Weekends Count Says:

    Thanks so much for this post! What apps do you recommend for little ones (especially on the airplane)?


    • Kiera Says:

      Hi there! I think based on the age the apps can be different for the little ones. They change so quickly and so often! I wrote this article when my daughter was 2. Now at almost 4, she still likes PBS Kids, PaintSparkle, and Color Drops. I had to go to the Apple store to get a fix on my phone and as she played with the iPads there, she also really liked Endless ABCs!


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