Maine Lobster

July 30, 2012


When I think of Maine, I don’t think of its rolling hills, beautiful beaches, white water rafting or the many other outdoor activities that this state has to offer as a “vacationland”.  I think of one thing: Maine lobster.  I can’t help it.  If I were stranded on a desert island and had only one food to live on, my choice would be lobster.  I love it.

Maine Lobster

Growing up in New England I would look forward to my regular dose of Maine lobster, and then when I lived in Texas for 10 years I started the tradition of having lobster every year on my birthday. But now, in Ohio, that tradition seems to have died and so slowly, I have missed my lobster.

Lucky for me, I have a grandmother that lives in Maine that turned 90 this year, so we took the 16 hour drive to her house and before we even arrived, we stopped to get a taste of what I love so much about Maine… their lobster shacks.

Maine Lobster Shacks

Maine Lobster RollsIt had been so long since having Maine lobster in Maine that I forgot most places serve the lobster cold with a nice toasted bun.

The very next day after our arrival we went to another lobster shack for my grandmother’s birthday.

Lobster Restaurant in MaineIt does not look like much but that’s sort of the point with these lobster shacks.

Maine shoreIt was right on the water and of course there were live lobsters for the kids to look at.  Watch out kids!

Lobster bin

Maine Lobster

Not to be left out, the clams are also well-known in Maine and so you really can’t get one without the other.

Maine clams

Remember that lobster at the beginning of this?  Well, it was delicious!

Maine Lobster done!

Okay, I might have had more than one, but whatever, when in Maine do as the Mainers do!

On our way out of the restaurant we bought lobster rolls to have for dinner later, but we were so full we ended up having them for breakfast the next day.  What can I say, I love Maine lobster… and apparently my daughter does too.

Don't touch my lobster!It was good but it came with mayo and lettuce which I’m not a fan of.  Why ruin a good thing!

On our final day in Maine as we began the long drive back to Ohio, we of course had to get a little more lobster into our diet.  We stopped at Red’s Eats – a shack that turns out was right across from the first lobster shack we stopped at on our way into town.

Red Eats in MaineTimely as it was, Travel & Leisure had published an article of the 10 best lobster shacks in Maine and this was one of them.  The line was long before it even opened but it was worth the wait if you love lobster.  I would not say it tasted any better than the other lobsters we had but what’s special about this place is that each lobster has more than 1 full lobster in its roll.  Yum, yum.

Red Eats Lobster Roll

To me, you can’t really go wrong with any lobster shack in Maine.  The key is to ask when ordering a lobster roll if it comes with mayo (like most places in America serve it) or with a side of butter (my personal preference).  And remember it most likely comes cold in a toasted bun.  If you want it hot, then go for the whole lobster and slowly dig in - it’s part of the experience!

The lobster is so good in Maine you really don’t need anything to add to it, other than more Maine lobster!
Tips for Easy Travel:

- Research ahead of time on where you want to go.  We had an idea but had not mapped out the many lobster shacks until after we arrived.  It would have been easier to stop at some of these on the way to our destination versus after.
- There is usually an option to order lobster without getting the sides.  And if you want larger lobsters than what you see on the menu, ask as this may be available.
- If it’s your first time ordering a lobster, go for the soft shell lobster versus the hard shell as they are easier to open.
- Take your time eating a lobster.  Sometimes they bite back! :)

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7 Responses to “Maine Lobster”

  1. Gina Says:

    Loved the pictures of the lobster shack! Looks like your kids had lots of fun, too. :) One of my dreams is to go to Maine and eat lobster.


    • admin Says:

      Well I hope you get there! It is such a beautiful place no matter what time of year, although a bit cold for me in the winter and no lobster to be had so I have gone in the summers. Definitely a place to visit!


  2. Katie Says:

    Haven’t been to Maine in years. Can’t wait to make it back there, especially since I love lobster now and didn’t when I was there last as a kid.


    • admin Says:

      Katie, I had not been in years either and regret not going more since I had a grandmother that used to live there! Oh well, the lobster is sooo worth it! :)



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