Orlando without Disney, really?

July 20, 2012


Yes, it’s true, we went to Orlando and did NOT go to Disney.  Our poor, poor 2 year old daughter, right? Wrong.  We decided that at this age, as much as we love seeing her react to new and exciting stuff (like seeing Mickey would have been a thrill yet super scary), we needed the break for ourselves more than for her.

Yes, selfish, isn’t it.  My husband’s parents live in the area so it was a good opportunity to see them, have time for ourselves, and still have Jolie enjoy what she loves most at the moment… the pool!

Plus, Disney is expensive!  I don’t care how you cut it, but since we had limited time and really only one full day to ourselves, we decided not to “waste” it in the crowds and excitement of Disney.

Now don’t get me wrong, we will go back.  After all, my in-laws live somewhat nearby.  And we want Jolie and hopefully our future child (no news here so don’t get your hopes up!) to experience all that Orlando has to offer: Disney, SeaWorld, all the things I enjoyed because like Jolie, my grandparents lived here when I was little.

We know one day we won’t have as much of a say in where we go ;) (let the battles begin!) but if you are wanting to go to Orlando and not go to Disney, don’t feel bad about it!

Besides, we got home and had a “Disney” birthday party to go to the very next day, and the balloon was much less scary than the real Mickey!

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  1. Emily Says:

    What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her ;)



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