Piccadilly in Ohio (?!)

July 25, 2012


When I think of Piccadilly, I think of London and the long road to Piccadilly Circus with bright lights and busyness…

Well, the piccadilly I refer to now is not as busy and is definitely fun for us adults with kids, and it’s in Bexley, Ohio!  It’s a café for fun and play for your little ones, with “play coaches” there to help (ie distract) your little ones with reading, toys, slides, and more.

We recently went for the Messy Art class, costing us $12.50.  This was about 45 minutes long and consisted of lots of paint and fun for the kids.

My 2-year-old daughter was not so keen on getting her feet stamped with paint right off the bat but after painting her pretty picture she tried it again with great success.

Thanks to my friend Frances for introducing us to the place!  It may not be London but at least it’s a great way to take a break (if you have the $, see tips).

If you do not live in the Columbus area, there are many places like this that could be in your area.  We look for something similar when we have the time now when visiting other US cities so that Jolie can have real play time and I can relax (and write!).

-piccadilly offers various classes for different ages so I recommend checking the website.
-if you can sign up for a class, it seems to be more cost-effective as the “open play” cost is $10 for the first child, age 6 mos and up.
-look for specials, like an after school 1/2 off special (3:45-5:00 pm Mon-Wed as of this writing)
-don’t forget your socks.  They ask that the kids wear their socks in the playspace (although we forgot ours and they were very nice about it!).
-bring your wallet!  The only down side of this place is that they don’t allow you to bring your own food (except baby food or for those with allergies) so the money you spend adds up quick.  We didn’t stay for lunch but our friends did and liked it, however, I’m a bit too frugal and would still rather save that money for something else!

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  1. Emily Says:

    you sure do keep Jolie busy! if you’re not careful she’ll end up with the same curiosity & wanderlust as the rest of us ;)


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