Staycation Summer

It’s funny that most people I know take vacations during school breaks and summer, but for us this is the exact time we do not vacation.  We have the advantage of not having school-aged children yet, so we like to stay put during this time.

Plus, living in a colder climate where we have all four seasons, I love soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather at home – a staycation summer.

The only difference is there are no palm trees in Ohio, and that’s fine by me.  So what do we do in the summer?

Well, besides working in the house, in the office, etc. we do find time to enjoy ourselves!  This is the time of the year that we get to explore our parks, pools, and outdoor activities both near home and at home.  There’s always more to do at home in the summer than any other time of the year.

I have also joined a local mom’s group where I help in planning activities (over the next year!) for moms and their kids.  And my husband likes to go on rides on his motorcycle with our neighbors and play golf.

I think the best part of staying at home during the summer is that you get to enjoy that yard that you work so hard to maintain.  My husband does not believe in hiring anyone to take care of our yard so it is up to us.  So when we play out back or lounge or cookout or start a fire pit with our neighbors and roast marshmallows, we really enjoy it because we did the work.

And Jolie and her daddy LOVE working in the garden.  Last year was our first ‘mini’ garden and we have expanded it this year. They’ve already planted onions in the Spring and Jolie did a very nice job helping her daddy.  Too cute!

So as you contemplate your vacation plans for the summer, remember that it is okay to have a staycation and just enjoy yourself at home!  It’s certainly a great time to save for future travels!  And if you are traveling, think of me sitting on my patio drinking a nice cold glass of (spiked?) lemonade while soaking up the sun, all for free! :)

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