Top Snacks for the Road

August 17, 2012

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your kid(s) always looked like this in the car!

With a toddler in tow we always need snacks in the car.  Who am I kidding, we get just as hungry as she does!  I’ve broken down what snacks we buy for our vacation:

For the infant just eating:
- Plum Organics squeezables.  Most grocery stores carry these or Target.  Note there is that stage that these are tricky for the infant to know how much to squeeze so they can get messy.  Test at home!
- Gerber foods in plastic or glass containers.  Usually I stick with the plastic containers but since the meat containers are all in glass I sometimes brought these on trips too.

For the hungry young toddler:
- Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Goldfish.  Depending on the length of the trip and if we are driving, I have brought the 30 oz container and use Jolie’s snack cup to pour into as needed.  For shorter trips, I put some goldfish from the 30 oz container in a large Ziploc – remember, this is a great snack for adults too!
- Pepperidge Farm graham fish, pretzels, etc. – we’ve tried other flavors of the fish and love them all, but we don’t bring near as much as the goldfish since these are our favorites!
- Peanut Butter & Jelly - it’s a staple sandwich in our household and good on the road too.  We wrap in saran wrap to save on using so many Ziploc bags.
- Fresh fruit like apples and grapes.  These tend to travel well (with the grapes in a container or small Ziploc) and don’t make as much of a mess.
- Plum Organics squeezables (not just for infants!).  We bring just a few of these as “back-ups” for emergencies.
- Plenty of water (for adults too!).  Clearly this is for the driving vacation or when you fly and arrive at your destination, pick up a case at a convenience store.
- Snyder’s pretzels (or whatever brand you prefer)
- Stretch Island Fruit Co fruit strips – my daughter thinks these are a “treat”.  Little does she know they are 100% natural.
- Vegetable sticks (the sea salt kind).  I think we bring these more for us parents but because they are salty they can be a little more messy than the other snacks.
- Peanuts of any kind, assuming you are allergy-free.  We like walnuts and pecans but pick your favorite!

Things to Avoid:
- Don’t bother with bananas (the smell in summer = not good), watermelon (the water in the containers has been known to leak), blueberries or any berries that can stain or create more liquid.
- Chips: we love our chips, don’t get me wrong, but between the salty hands and sometimes crumbs it’s no fun to clean up the car!  These are great if left in the hotel room though!
- Anything messy!  Seems obvious but your toddler will make the mess all on his or her own even with the less-messy snacks.

I’d love to hear what snacks you buy as I’m always looking for new ideas!

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