Touch A Truck – such a Midwestern thing to do!

August 15, 2012


Only in the Midwest can you find an event called “Touch A Truck” for the little ones.  It’s really quite cool – the kids get to touch, climb, and look at firetrucks, police cruisers, larger-than-life construction equipment and more.  All for FREE!

This year was our first year attending the event (in July at the Westerville Sports Complex).  Needless to say Jolie loved it!

out with the kids in ohio

It started with a helicopter landing right in front of us at the park there.  “Loud and windy” is how my 2-year-old described it with much joy!
 Helicopter landingThis was really the only vehicle that we could not climb into so I’m glad we started here as Jolie would not have understood why she could climb everything else but this.  What a start though with its landing!

first school bus rideJolie moved right on to the bus as she is always excited to see a school bus but of course has never ridden in one.  She particularly liked beeping the horn!

Driving that BusWe moved on to the police cruiser next and Jolie went right for the back seat… I missed getting a picture but hopefully it’s not a sign of any kind!  We then went to the taxi and she too went for the back seat (which calmed my nerves a bit!) so at least she will know how to hail a cab.
Taxi for a ToddlerJolie also climbed a bulldozer, tractor, the back of an ambulance (again, hopefully the only time she will ever see this!).

I think every kid dreams of seeing a fire truck up close.  The (handsome) fireman even helped Jolie into the truck which was a nice touch.  If only there was more than one fire truck because we did wait a while for this one!

Riding in a Firetruck

There were many more vehicles but these were the highlights.  What a great idea for the kids!  I highly recommend it.

Tips for Easy Travel:
- Arrive about 15 minutes before the event starts so you can go straight to the “popular” vehicles first when the event starts to avoid the lines (fire truck, school bus, city bus) and possibly see the helicopter landing (we would have missed it otherwise).  Note the Westerville Sports Complex has a playground while waiting.
- If you can’t get there when the event starts, you will have to park at the Westerville Community Center across the street and walk over.  Allow time for this and possibly arrive toward the end of the event to avoid the longer lines.
- There were snowcones, lollipops and water available so bring your own if you want to distract your child and avoid spending money at this free event.  It was a hot day so the water went fast for us!  Still check these out as they were giving out free yellow hats to the kids.
- For new walkers, you may want to have a stroller to help keep them contained especially if you have another child and a bag with you.  Less to carry and easier to go from vehicle to vehicle!  With one child, I recommend no stroller as we didn’t need one and I was glad to not have to deal with it.

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