A Kid, A Vacation, and A Workout?

July 11, 2012

Travel Tips

Traveling with kids has its own challenges in and of itself, and while I am trying to make things easier for us parents out there, finding the time to work out is in and of itself challenging. So how do we do it on vacation?

If you don’t work out normally at home then you probably could care less about working out on vacation (like my husband), but if you are like me, you still want to find some time to work out, even if it’s not your normal rigorous schedule.

Here are my tips for finding the time:

1. Pre-plan.  You are pre-planning your itinerary somewhat with kids so why not build in time for those workouts.

Also as part of pre-planning, check to see if where you are staying has a workout facility, nearby park or walking paths that you can take advantage of.  When we were recently in Florida, I went when it was raining right in our hotel.  The facility was all mine!

2. Use your kids nap time as your workout time.  If you have a toddler or infant, hopefully you can take advantage of (one) nap time.  Many times I use a part of the nap to rest as well, and the other part I workout.

Note: I’m lucky enough that my husband usually does not care about working out, but if your significant other does want to, split that nap time so you each get the opportunity.

3. Take the kids with you. If your kids are past the nap time stage and old enough, then take them with you if the workout facility you are visiting allows this.

4. Get up early.  Now I am not really an early riser, but I always have good intentions.  If you are like me then definitely do NOT go this route as you will end up sleeping in since you are -after all- on vacation. If you generally wake up before the kids and plan to continue this, then go for it.

5. Night owl.  Depending on where you are for your vacation, you may suddenly turn into a night owl (like Las Vegas) so take advantage of your energy and go work it out.  Even 20 minutes is better than nothing!

6. Walk the talk.  Go for a nice walk with the family after a good meal and work it off while chatting it up.  Set up your kids in a stroller or wagon or if the hotel has daycare, get some alone time with your significant other and take a stroll!

7. Make it part of the vacation.  If you are going to a walking city (like Boston, Florence, New York City and Paris to an extent), you will do plenty of walking so there you have it. It’s a built-in workout!

Now if only we could be so lucky with our every day at-home schedule!




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